Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the game?

Timewarp Escape the 1980s is like a live room escape video game. It’s an interactive, on-site adventure game where 4-10 players are immersed into an environment, given instructions, and have 60 minutes to “escape” the 1980s. The game is a multi-sensory experience and participants become detectivess, interacting with retro sights and old school tech, putting together clues and codes to get through a 4-room 80’s mini mall.

Do I have to know about the 80s to play?


The setting is designed like typical stores from the 80’s, but there’s no trivia, knowledge or info needed about the 80s to play or win. All the clues you need are IN the game. If you DO remember the 80s, you’ll enjoy the soundtrack and the get some of our subtle humor. But no specific knowledge of the 80s is needed here.

Is the game family friendly? Can kids play?

Timewarp Escape the 1980s is rated G, and since all of our games are private to your group you can certainly bring the whole crew.  We typically request at least one adult for every two children (6-12).

Where is Timewarp Escape located?

We are located at:

125 N. Harrison Ave
Lafayette, CO 80026

We are direct across the street from the WOW Children’s Museum.  And around the corner from Santiago’s on South Public Road.

How early should I plan to arrive?

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your booked appointment. Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate in the experience. NO REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULING for late guests and no shows.

Should we dress up 80s style?

If you want to… definitely, like totally, like for sure. But you don’t have to. We have players come in full 80’s garb — and players that come in jeans and tees.

Do you host team-building parties and corporate lunches?

Yes, we do! It is one of our favorite types of events to host.
Why?  You may ask.
Well typically team-building events are LAME, they feel like forced corporate exercises and make us think of The Office.
At Timewarp Escape everything we do revolves around Fun and Games.  Bringing your team together for a unique experience that focuses on teamwork, communication, creative problem-solving is a great way to see leadership emerge from unexpected places.  Couple that with the bonding that takes place when people are out of the typical office environment, and out of their comfort zone.  Nothing breaks down like some good old fashion 80’s Karaoke or friendly competition playing the video games of yesteryear.
Simply put our facility was built for Interactive  FUN, and that’s what offsites should focus on.

Call us and we’ll get you booked.

Why is Timewarp Escape different? Also, I’ve never done an escape game. Is this the right one to start with?